About Us

A little bit about our company.

Revolutionising The Way Payments Are Made

With more than four decades experience and a reputation for championing change, Face2Face have become the ‘Go To’ partner within the payments industry for those looking to revolutionise the way payments are made globally.

Face2Face have come up with a brand new way of doing things which means the end of slow terminals, poor customer service and the many wasted hours spent trying to fix problems time and time again – all very real issues that customers have been facing all over the world.

F2F are proud to promote transparency, have an unrivalled people-based approach to customer care and their smart, intuitive payment terminals use the most up-to-date technology.

F2F aim to eliminate the use of old fashioned terminals and second rate customer service, and continue to provide the smartest solutions which give the best user experience.

Afterall, why should payments not be made smarter, to match the leaps and bounds made by other industries in this incredible digital age?

F2F are delighted to now be leading the way for customers to finally Switch to Smart.