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mEnclosure + mUnite

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One Enclosure To Rule Them All

The Universal mEnclosure by Star is a tablet enclosure that can hold and protect nearly any tablet for any industry. Featuring steel arms that expand and VESA mounting, the future-proof Universal mEnclosure means that just because a business purchases a new tablet doesn’t mean it needs to also buy a new enclosure. The Universal mEnclosure also includes locking arms to prevent theft, horizontal or vertical mounting options, a sleek black or white finish, and compatibility with any mUnite tablet POS stand.

Fits Up To 12.5″

The dynamic Universal mEnclosure can fit tablets from 9″ to 12.5″, giving you the freedom to switch out tablets when needed. This enclosure also features a lock that secures tablets in place while in use but allows quick and easy tablet removal at the end of the night without reopening or resizing the enclosure.

Fits Virtually Any Tablet

At Star Micronics, we understand that every business has different needs, especially when it comes to technology. Whether you use Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Microsoft Surfaces, or something else, Star has the right enclosure for your tablet POS system.


Clean, Modern Design

Star’s mUnite desktop tablet stands offer a great solution to reduce unnecessary clutter and improve the appearance of your point-of-sale (POS) system. Among the many options available, the mUnite EZ POS stand is a popular choice that helps keep wires organized and off the checkout counter, resulting in a sleek and attractive look for customers. With the ability to tilt the screen to your desired angle, it offers stability and style to keep your valuables secure.


For an attractive, sleek addition to your point-of-sale space, the mUnite EZPOS helps lessen unnecessary bulkiness while providing a stable, secure surface for any Star printer or cash drawer. Its cutting-edge design keeps any cables off of your checkout counter, giving a clean, fresh presentation to customers.