PAX A920 Pro

Solutions for all businesses.

PAX A920 Pro

  • Powered by Android 8.1
  • Cortex A53 processor
  • 5.5″ capacitive touchscreen
  • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Contactless + chip & PIN + magstripe
  • PIN on Glass
  • 5MP rear camera
  • Professional scanner
  • 5150mAh / 3V battery
  • PCI PTS 5.x SRED

New Generation

Powered by the fastest processor in the portfolio to simultaneously run multiple applications under the highest levels of inbuilt payment security. The ultimate viewing experience is delivered on the A920Pro’s brilliant 5.5-inch touchscreen, enabling you to create more effective user interfaces and optimise the consultation of your app pages.

Challenge the impossible

A920Pro is designed for all vertical markets and special projects such as public transport, home delivery, queue busting, petrol. Thanks to its double memory, it is the ideal solution to host the most complex applications to manage table orders and loyalty with rewards catalogue. All perfectly integrated with any payment method.

Professional Excellence & Performance

An upgraded version of the A920, the Pro version packs faster processing power, a professional infrared barcode scanner and larger higher-resolution touchscreen in the same elegant design.

Drive engagement

Thanks to the PayDroid operating system, A920 Pro opens the door to a whole new world of marketing & analytics apps via PAXSTORE, ranging from the management of fidelity cards, meal vouchers, Petrol applications, to table order management, ticket validation and payment of bills.

With the professional online application security scanning service, developers are able to detect any risks. The APP also improves platform security and provides a reference for administrators when approving applications.

5MP rear camera

With auto focus flash for perfect image capture.

Professional scanner

to speed up the handling of alternative digital payments, and capture barcodes of pre-marked bills, vouchers, travel tickets faster.

Quick scan button

For faster and smoother transactions.