Star Micronics SP742 Kitchen Printer

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Star Micronics SP742 Kitchen Printer

£225.28 excl. VAT
£270.34 incl. VAT

  • High-speed, two-colour printing for clear and readable text in challenging kitchen environments.
  • User-friendly clamshell design for easy paper loading and integrated power supply for efficient space usage.
  • Supports carbon copy printing to meet diverse operational needs in busy kitchens.
  • Equipped with CloudPRNT and Bluetooth for seamless integration with web-based applications, enhancing kitchen efficiency and simplifying connectivity.

SKU: 39339442

Designed for the Demands of the Kitchen

The SP742 is meticulously crafted to excel in challenging kitchen environments, where heat and humidity can compromise print clarity. It offers robust performance with high-speed, two-colour printing that ensures crystal-clear type for instant readability.

User-Friendly Design Features

Featuring a user-friendly clamshell design, the SP742 facilitates hassle-free paper loading, enhancing operational efficiency in busy kitchen settings. Its integrated power supply optimises space usage, contributing to a streamlined workspace layout. The printer also supports carbon copy printing, catering to diverse operational needs.

Enhanced Kitchen Efficiency with CloudPRNT and Bluetooth

Equipped with CloudPRNT and Bluetooth capabilities, the SP742 enhances kitchen efficiency by enabling easy access to online printing. The CloudPRNT interface seamlessly integrates with web-based applications, ensuring smooth operations from the front to the back of the house.

Simplified Connectivity for Modern Systems

Designed for modern online ordering systems, the SP742 directly connects to servers, eliminating the need for additional devices, software, or security certificates. The Bluetooth feature offers straightforward setup and operation, further simplifying connectivity for enhanced operational convenience.