Decryptx® P2PE

PCI P2PE for software systems,payment gateways, and processors.

Provide a PCI-Validated P2PE Solution Through Your Platform or Gateway

Bluefin’s Decryption as a Service (DaaS) solution, Decryptx, enables partners to integrate the validated solution into their platform or gateway and offer PCI P2PE directly to their clients – with no change to the payment processing relationship. This also reduces the need for your merchants to provide complex SAQ’s as there is no need for separate networks or firewalls.

Seamlessly Enabled through a Simple API Connection

With Decryptx, the only part of the transaction that Bluefin requires is the P2PE payload, which contains the swiped, keyed or EMV card data encrypted within the PCI-validated device. Bluefin decrypts the cipher text within its secure HSM environment and sends the PAN and track data back over an encrypted connection.